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Hi folks, just wanted to pass along that we’ll get an update real soon on our KOIN Local 6 spot!  We’re all filmed – now just finding time on the schedule.

But, don’t fear – we’ll keep you all posted!

KOIN Local 6

Check Happy Cup Coffee tomorrow, 07/17, on the 4:00P news!


Happy Cup Coffee will be featured on your KOIN Local 6 4:00P news tomorrow, Tuesday, July 17!   Their team is coming in the AM to film, and we’ll be on the airwaves later in the day.  What a great opportunity, and we hope you can join us!

Tune in tomorrow!

Say hello to our Southern belle – and special roast for the Mississippi Street Fair – Mrs. Sippy!


Happy Cup - Mrs. Sippy special roast

Our Southern belle gets her closeup for the 2012 Mississippi Street Fair on Saturday, July 14 from 10:00A-9:00P!


Here’s a description to get your taste buds going:


A medium roast, clean bright coffee with a buttery smooth body.  Hints of ripe blueberries and  rich dark chocolate combine for a complexity as sweet as a Mrs. Sippy Southern belle.

Come and see us at the Mississippi Street Fair this weekend from 10:00A-9:00P.  We’ll be serving our special Mrs. Sippy roast just at this event for a limited time!  Start your day off with a hot cup – and then come back later when it heats up for some Mrs. Sippy ice-cold Toddy!  Oh, and you can also bring a bag home to enjoy, too!  :)

See you this weekend!




Well, here’s our final installment of our June 26 visit from “KGW @ Sunrise”‘s Drew Carney to our Roastery.  In this final segment, Drew and our Outreach Manager, Scott Killen (and the rest of the Happy Cup Coffee crew), take our positive message and coffee to the streets of Portland.

Here’s the video below:


Thanks for checking out our previous segments, too.  If you haven’t seen them, here’s the links:

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates – and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Still in tune with Happy Cup?  Great, here’s our third installment from our June 26 coverage from Drew Carney from “KGW @ Sunrise.”  In this piece, Drew dives into our Packaging process with some of our friendly clients.


Checkout the video below!


And, come back tomorrow for our final installment of the Drew video!  Thanks for watching!

mississippi street fair

Do you have any plans for next Saturday, July 14?  Either way, come out and check us out at the Mississippi Street Fair from 10:00A – 9:00P! 

Here’s a recap of the event below, or click the pic to visit their site:

The annual Mississippi Ave. Street Fair is a community-building event that celebrates the neighbors, businesses and organizations that make their home in the Mississippi Avenue neighborhood (from N. Fremont to N. Skidmore on Mississppi Ave).  The event honors history and tradition while embracing diversity and sustainability.  The event is brought to you by the Historic Mississippi Ave Business Association (HMBA) & the Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA).  Part of the proceeds go to Boise-Eliot Elementary and the Albina Youth Opportunity School.

See you there…  And when you stop by, try our special “MRS. SIPPY” roast made just for the Street Fair!

Did you enjoy our first installment of Drew Carney from his 06/26 visit?  Great!

N0w, checkout Segment #2 – Roasting.  This time, Drew chats with our Roaster, Trevin Miller, from Mr. Green Beans.  It’s a great little piece.  Hope you enjoy it…and if you try really, really hard you can (almost) smell the fresh roasting beans through your computer screen!



Next up – Segment #3 – Packaging!

Pssst…Could you smell ‘em?



From all of us at Happy Cup Coffee – have a healthy, happy and safe July 4th!


Happy Cup Coffee wishes you a happy July 4th!

Wave on red, white and blue!

Happy Cup Coffee - Fresh Cup magazine, July 2012

More news from the media front!  We’ve been featured in the July 2012 (latest and greatest) issue of “Fresh Cup” Magazine!  It’s a great read, so click the pic to check it out.

What did you think?


Happy Cup Coffee, Rachel Bloom and KGW's Drew Carney

Drew Carney chats with Happy Cup Coffee Founder, Rachel Bloom

Were you up early enough to catch Happy Cup Coffee on “KGW @ Sunrise” with Drew Carney on June 26?  If you did…pretty spiffy spot, huh?  If you didn’t…not to worry.  We’ve got you covered.

We’ll be recapping all the great segments in a series of blog posts for you.  In this first of four segments, Drew Carney chats with our Founder, Rachel Bloom, about the Happy Cup Coffee mission and our green beans.

Stay tuned for all the videos – next up: Segment #2: Roasting with Mr. Green Beans!  In the meantime, click the link to checkout Segment #1 below!

Happy Cup Coffee – 06/26/12 Drew Carney’s “Out & About”, KGW NewsChannel 8 at Sunrise (#1)

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