Looks like we have been sleeping on our blog lately!  We are back with another, so Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Happy any other celebration we may have missed.  So much Happiness, but what do you expect from a company named Happy Cup?

Full Life has released their monthly news letter, The Full Life and Times, for January and our employee Christina included a great breakdown of the flavors.



Here is a guide for you to choose your ideal bag of Happy Cup Coffee!

Boom! Boom! is a rich dark roast with smoky, bold flavors.  Morning Madness is a chocolaty espresso roast with a hint of roasted nuts and a touch of citrus.  Hot Bean has flavors of sweet milk chocolate with a hint of candied orange.  Decaffeination is crisp with hints of bakers chocolate and roasted nuts from Mexico.  The Buzz is a sweet coffee with notes of blueberries and dark chocolate.  Sip-A-Ragua is a light roast that is sweet with notes of toffee and caramel.  It is roasted light to highlight hints of dark cherries and figs.

Thanks Christina, such great flavors, which one should we have today!?